Courses For Credit

In cooperation with Benedictine College and Donnelly College, St. Lawrence offers a select number of college credit courses. These are designed to expose KU students not only to the Catholic theological tradition, but also the larger Catholic traditions inside the various disciplines of the Humanities. Students can enroll in one course or complete a sequence of courses in order to achieve certification in Catholic Studies. For course options and details, enrollment information, and an overview of our academic program, see below. For other information, please contact us at


FALL 2018


The Catholic imagination

GNST 2980 | 3 cr. hrs.

Monday & Wednesday 6:00-7:20pm

Upper Classroom

Instructor: Patrick Callahan

Homer. Vergil. Augustine. Dante. Shakespeare.

These authors form the core of our discussion of over 2000 years of art, philosophy, music, poetry, and theology. This interdisciplinary course examines the common inspiration for the Catholic imagination.


The Bible as literature

"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ" - St. Jerome

While the Bible is prevalent in much of popular culture and many have a familiarity with key passages, few have the opportunity to explore the overall structure, history, and meaning of Scripture as a whole. This course traces salvation history through God's covenants in both the Old and New Testament.

3 cr. hrs.

Tuesday & Thursday 2:15-3:35pm

Upper Classroom

Instructor: Luke Murray


Past and future courses

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