Faith & Reason | Tues/Thurs  6:00-7:20pm. SLC Conference Room

This 3 credit course will provide students an understanding of the nature and place of Theology in the life and faith of the Church. In particular, students will learn how Theology is truly a science, how it relates to other sciences, and how faith and reason are not opposed but compliment each other in the search for truth. Finally, students will also study Scripture as “the soul” of Theology, examining its inspiration, inerrancy, and interpretation, along with its relationship to Tradition and the Magisterium.

Introduction to Ethics | Mon/Wed  3:30-4:50pm. SLC Conference Room

In this course, students will become aware of key ethical questions and thinkers throughout history while also learning how to make sound ethical judgements for themselves. In addition to a historical survey and the reading of primary texts, this course will encourage students to see the harmony of nature and grace by emphasizing the thought of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas in the pursuit of answering humanity’s most important questions, such as: What are good and evil? What is the good life? How should I act? What will make me happy?