Family Membership Information

The mission of the St. Lawrence Center is to be the Catholic Church at the University of Kansas by meeting and walking with students, faculty, and staff where they are, forming them in the freedom and fullness of following Jesus through the intellectual, moral, liturgical, and spiritual traditions of our faith, and sending them to live their vocation as missionary disciples.

What does it mean to be a member at St. Lawrence?

All families with membership at the Center seek to advance the mission of St. Lawrence. 

What does this look like, practically?

Membership at St. Lawrence will consist of two broad categories: Student Membership and Family Membership.  The name ‘Permanent Community’ has been replaced with 'Family Membership.' Family Membership includes all members who are not currently KU students, even if the member is a single adult who has previously been part of a Permanent Community family.  Those single adults aged 25 or above are asked to have a Family Membership separate from his/her parents. Family membership will be further broken down into full memberships and affiliate memberships.

  • Full members identify St. Lawrence as their primary place of belonging, worship and stewardship.
  • Affiliate members might be Lawrence professionals, KU faculty/staff, or families that also have a membership in another parish, but wish to significantly participate in the life and mission of the St. Lawrence Center through in formation, student mentorship, liturgical ministry, hospitality, etc.

What exciting things are happening at St. Lawrence? 

Over the past year, St. Lawrence has identified a strategic plan for reaching more students on KU’s campus. This has included a new venture in campus ministry called Good Co., as well as fully funding the Institute for Faith and Culture. Partnerships continue with the Apostles of the Interior Life and the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).  

How do I get involved? 

New families, please register here to let us know who you are and be added to the email list!

Continuing families, on the first weekend of November, all families at St. Lawrence will be encouraged to re-register and re-discern their membership with us in regards to time, talent and treasure. 

    In what ways might I be called to give to the mission of St. Lawrence?

    All families with membership at St. Lawrence are called to an active annual pledging of time, talent and treasure toward the mission of St. Lawrence.  There are many ways families are called to serve the St. Lawrence community, including, but not limited to the following:

    • Leadership
    • Prayer
    • Family Catechesis and Sacramental Preparation
    • Marriage Preparation and Enrichment
    • Intellectual Formation
    • Student Interaction and Mentoring
    • Facilities and Maintenance
    • KU Relations and Outreach
    • Small-Group Formation
    • Social and Belonging Events
    • Clerical and Hospitality
    • Sacred Music
    • Liturgical Ministry
    • Meal Preparation
    • Social Justice and Charity

    What can I expect to receive from St. Lawrence?

    Family members of St. Lawrence can expect the Center to be responsive to their pastoral, spiritual, social, liturgical and sacramental needs as practicing Catholics.  Representation will be done in an advisory capacity to the Director through a Family Membership Council, to be established by appointment and invitation by the end of January, 2018.  Membership also includes the ability to request and receive sacraments at the St. Lawrence Center. For weddings in particular, there is a discounted rate for those who are stewards.  

    It is well noted and understood, however, that St. Lawrence is not a Catholic parish, nor should it function as an alternative parish.  It is understood and supported by all family members that St. Lawrence will prioritize its resources toward getting KU students to belong and participate in the life of the Church.  Again, St. Lawrence will do everything it can to fully serve its family members, but this service will be different than that of a Catholic parish in that the full-time staff at St. Lawrence is committed first toward the KU community.  Families with membership at St. Lawrence have a unique opportunity to create a community for themselves, participate in liturgical celebrations, reserve spaces at the Center when not in student use, and provide unique mentorship to KU students through sharing their experiences of life, marriage, and family.

    What else might I need to know?

    Non-members, benefactors, alumni and friends are of course always welcome as visitors and collaborators.  They must, however, have permission from their home parish to request sacraments at St. Lawrence.  They also are not eligible for certain ministries and leadership positions that are rightfully occupied solely by members.

    Other questions that we can help to answer? 

    Feel free to reach out to the Family Advisory Council with questions/comments/ideas/concerns:

    Reid Cover:        
    Barb Forbes:         
    Luigi Frosini (Chair):        
    Emily Lange:        
    Teresa McGuire:         
    Patrick Moriarty:         
    Michael Murray:            
    Florian Rothbrust:     
    Jane Tuttle:            
    Amy Wendt:             
    Kory Willis:        

    Fr. Mitchel Zimmerman:      
    Jen Meitl Conrad:    

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