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 CATALYST: “a person or thing that precipitates an event.” At St. Lawrence, we provide KU students with multiple catalysts to spur them to grow in their faith life, from providential relationships to service. One catalyst we utilize is a weekly “pivotal question.” Each week, the students are asked a question in the homily, at classes, and during mentoring, because we believe that people better own conclusions that they have come to themselves, and that questions, posed well, inflame desire. These questions open up spaces and conversation, so that the light of our faith might reach these places of isolation that are in the hearts of so many at KU.

We’d love to share this semester’s questions with you which we pray will serve as a CATALYST for all. Please think and pray along with us, and I hope you’ll tune into the weekly homily as well:

I’m happy that the mission of St. Lawrence is in your hearts, your hands and your prayers. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Please fill out the form below to receive your free PDF copy of CATALYST. Shipping and handling for a hard copy of the booklet is $4. Each week, enjoy a reflection from a KU student, alumni, or supporter. We can’t wait to walk with you all this semester!

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