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This is SEEK.

What’s the purpose of your life? Who are you meant to be? What are you looking for?

At SEEK2019 you will experience a 5-day event with thousands of other college students as you ask the big questions about life, love and true happiness.

Don’t be afraid. Dive into the deep. Encounter something more.

join us this year in Indianapolis January 3-7.


Pricing Breakdown

Be one of the first 1500 students to Register between September 17-21 and receive $50 off the registration fee! Use code: seekweek

This brings the cost down to $350.

Note: You do not need to pay the full price up front, just a $20 deposit.

After Sept 21 the cost goes up to $400

After Oct 30 the cost goes up to $450

After Dec 4 the cost goes up to $500


Worried about money?

Here’s some info about how you can fundraise!

We want to help you get to SEEK! The cost for registration and travel to SEEK is pretty pricey for a college student’s budget. This is why the FOCUS team at KU wants to help you fundraise! If you write 30 letters to friends and family asking for financial support, we will pay upfront however much you need to register and you can fundraise the rest back.



If you write 30 letters to friends and family asking for financial support, we believe that inviting that many people on mission will for sure fundraise enough money to send you on SEEK. So, you can either bring 30 pre-written letters to the FOCUS office or come to the letter writing party at the St. Lawrence Center on September 23rd at 8pm.

Either way you do it, make sure you download the template for the letter and make it your own. Click here for the template!


You can also post the link below on any email and social media account you have. We suggest doing both, sending the letters and posting the link.

All donations can be made through this link:

Just make sure to select “University of Kansas”




For questions you can contact the St. Lawrence SEEK Liaison by completing this form or by text at 817.437.6659

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