Becoming Catholic at St. Lawrence

It’s not that hard!  Thank you for your interest in joining our faith and our Church.  Being Catholic is an adventure into reality and fullness that you will never regret!

We can promise a process here at St. Lawrence that is guilt-free, non-judgmental, and open to your questions and experience.  Of course, nothing thrills us more than adding members to our Catholic family, but we will never push you. The conversation comes with no expectations and no-strings attached.  Again, we hope you come to know and love the Catholic faith like we do, but we understand if you don’t. It’s a blessing for us just to share who we are and to know you.

The process starts with an interview so we understand where you’re coming from.  We know that every person’s story is unique, as our each person’s questions and needs, so we don’t force everyone through the same program.  From your first interview, an individual plan is set, just for you, to prepare anyone wanting to join to receive the Catholic sacraments of initiation - baptism, confirmation and eucharist.  The plan usually involves a minimum of 10 hours of class, reading or discussion, to set you up well for learning and living the Catholic faith.


RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Many who are looking at joining the Catholic Church come to our RCIA meetings every Tuesday during the school year from 7-8pm.  In those meetings we explore 36 different Catholic topics of interest, and of course, talk about what it’s like to be Catholic. All challenges, doubts, fears and questions are welcome at RCIA!  

The RCIA is for anyone and everyone, including Catholics wanting to renew or complete their Christian initiation, for non-Catholics looking to join, or people who just want to ask questions!



Who’s eligible.

The St. Lawrence Center serves the KU community, so most people who come to us have some affiliation with KU.  It’s not absolutely necessary, though. Let’s chat about where you are.

When can you become Catholic?  

St. Lawrence baptizes adults each spring on the night before Easter, but we receive already baptized Christians into the Catholic faith throughout the year, at any of our Masses..Let’s Meet!