Thanks for inquiring about our facilities at St. Lawrence.  Thanks to so many who have belief in our mission, we are blessed to serve and gather the KU community here on this Hill.  Our facilities are heavily used by our own liturgies and ministries here, but we are happy to make them available especially to those associated with KU if your event aligns with our mission, and we can host you well!  St. Lawrence reserves the right to decline any request for any reason.



St. Lawrence does not have elevators between our upper and lower floors.  Depending upon where your event is held, accessibility is made easier by where you park.  See accessibility tips in parentheses below.



Chapel (accessible from upper level parking garage)

Our chapel, dedicated in 1986, is pleasing to both the eye and ear.  The chapel is reserved primarily for Roman Catholic prayer and liturgy, but occasionally can be used for other purposes that also respect the sacred character of the chapel.  It holds 325 people. No decorations or additional furniture is allowed in the chapel. For questions about weddings, visit the Sacraments section of our website.  


Parking is very limited at KU.  St. Lawrence is fortunate to have an adjacent parking facility that holds 175 standard-size vehicles.  Our garage has a height restriction of 7’6”. During normal KU class days, the lot is filled with permit holders.  When you request the use of our building we will assume 1 car for every 2 persons attending. Due to the severe parking restrictions at KU, we must have parking available to say yes to any request to use our facility.  

Social Hall (accessible from lower level of parking garage)

The social hall is directly beneath our chapel, and can host up to 220 guests.  It has good lighting, sound and video capability, and can be arranged in many different layouts for various receptions, meetings, etc.  There are sufficient tables and chairs available for use. Amplified sound is not allowed when liturgies are taking place upstairs in the chapel. 

Kitchen (accessible from lower level of parking garage)

St. Lawrence has one of the few kitchens near campus that can be reserved. The kitchen is heavily used by our weekly Supper Chill and other center socials, but again is occasionally available for reservation by groups. The adjacent bar and cafe can host groups of a dozen easily. Larger groups will also need to reserve the social hall or another room nearby. The kitchen has all the ranges, ovens, roasters, cookware, utensils and refrigerators/freezers needed to prepare food for up to 200 people. Tablecloths, napkins and service ware for eating are only available by request. If needing large amounts of freezer/refrigerator space this must be requested in advance.


Welcome Center and Outdoor Plaza (accessible from upper level of parking garage)

Through renovations done in 2019 the center has a new welcome center and plaza that includes a simple cafe, living room, and indoor and outdoor seating that can accommodate groups of up to 80 people.

Living Room (5 stairs required from upper level of parking garage)

St. Lawrence has a nicely appointed living room that can be reserved for groups of up to 20.

Conference Room (one staircase required from upper level of parking garage)

The St. Lawrence Conference room provides meeting space with AV for meetings of up to 18 people.

Classroom (accessible from lower level of parking garage

The downstairs classroom  is nicely appointed with tables, chairs and a sofa, and can be setup with AV as needed.

Organ and Piano

The use of our musical instruments is through our principal organist, who can be reached here



All those renting St. Lawrence must provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1M, or purchase through St. Lawrence’s insurer, Catholic Mutual, a $95 insurance policy.  This is applied and paid for separately by mailing in this form. Members of St. Lawrence and KU and community groups may request that the facility be donated/covered as part of the St. Lawrence mission.