Spiritual Direction

“The spiritual director is concerned with the whole person, for the spiritual life is not just the life of the mind, or of the affections, or of the ‘summit of the soul’- it is the life of the whole person”  — Thomas Merton


how can I talk to god?

Do you want to pray but just don't know where to start? Have you ever wondered how God speaks? Does praying with the Bible intimidate you? Learn how you can establish a habit of daily meditative prayer: it might just change your life.


how do i go deeper?

Spiritual direction is a journey guided by the Holy Spirit towards deeper friendship with Jesus Christ. Through prayer, reflection, and sharing your story with a trusted spiritual guide, you can grow to know God better and to know who you are in His eyes.


what am i made for?

Life as a college student presents many choices, but we don't have to navigate these choices alone. The art of discernment involves learning to listen to God's voice and recognize His movements, in order to choose well and discover what our hearts are truly made for. 


the sisters

The Apostles of the Interior Life (Apostole della Vita Interiore) are consecrated women living vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Having experienced intimate friendship with Jesus, they invite others to encounter Him through a mission of evangelization and spiritual accompaniment.