Parking passes that have been purchased can be picked up at the St. Lawrence Center on the first day of fall classes, August 20, from 9am-1pm. We are not ticketing the lot prior to August 20. 

If you still need to make a second payment, please pay your remaining deposit by August 1 on


Information about parking passes for the future: passes are sold on a first come first serve basis, following the following rubric:

1) current/former pass holders (April 2019)
2) current St. Lawrence students (first week of May 2019)
3) general public/students/staff/whomever who have not held a pass before (starting May 10, 2019)

Payments can be made for parking passes ($100 downpayment, and full payment due by August 1), but full payment is preferred.


***St. Lawrence Center reserves the right to revoke the permits of those who display stickers on their vehicles that are vulgar, obscene, or show support for activities, people or groups that actively promote objective morally evil practices and/or are contrary to the Catholic faith. There is no parking on Holy Days, funerals, and weddings, or from 4pm Saturday through Sunday and there is no overnight parking. The Center is not responsible for thefts or damage. 

Once pass is received, please place in the FRONT window on the driver's side. 

No parking in the visitor's spaces, please, and be sure to be aware of all posted signage within the parking lot. 

Questions? Please contact Linda Hornik at