Our Reason for Being


54% of college freshmen say they have a hard time making friends.

49% of college students report feelings of hopelessness.

1 in every 3 students leave the Catholic faith during college.

80% of those who leave the Catholic faith do so before the age of 23.



We’re HERE to make a difference.

St. Lawrence Center is Here to

help students navigate their personal faith journeys

build a culture of home as a safe, welcoming place

create opportunities for sharing and involvement

walk with inquisitive students until they invite us in

pass on our faith to the next generation of leaders

enrich the lives of everyone we encounter

help students discover the fullness of their vocations


Our Approach



We reach this generation not by preaching to them, but by being present and welcoming. We provide a place of belonging no matter an individual’s questions, concerns, issues or beliefs.



Belief in who God is and the abundant life Jesus offers for
our lives is fostered through personal relationship and
accompaniment along each individual journey.



The next generation of Catholic Jayhawks know how to
relate with, love, and invite their peers into the same adventure of faith they have experienced.


Our Impact to Date

43 priests ordained

19 religious vocations

Over 200 working in parishes throughout the last 30 years

200 students formed in leadership over the last two years

2,500 students have engaged with St. Lawrence in the last two years

 Join Us

Help us guide the great stories this generation of Jayhawks are writing with their lives.